"Shut the Noise Down" - A Conversation with Sam Maxwell

Today I’ll be sharing about an artist I featured on my Jump podcast, Sam Maxwell. He is a fellow creator, artist, husband, teacher, and father. Here is a little bit about his story: 

- Sam Maxwell is a jack of all trades, from painting to writing to designing, creativity is his strong suit. Although he works with many mediums, his favorite by far is shoes. From childhood, he had a deep appreciation for fashion and design, seeing it as a form of art. One day, he decided to create something of his own. With a thrifted pair of shoes and some paint, he first pair of custom made shoes was born! 

- When Sam began his work with shoes, he relied very heavily on his faith to guide him. Whether it be the color scheme or type of shoe to use, he allows the voice of God to guide him and bring something beautiful and new. 

- One of my favorite moments during this podcast was when he tells about prophesying to his seventh grade class. He was able to see his students through the eyes of God, and see their destiny and purpose beyond a singular moment. 

- Sam reminds us to tend to the spark that ignites our dreams and deepest desires. Shut the noise down! 

Listen to our conversation here:

Love, Rebeca ♥️

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