I'm excited about the endless possibilities...

Hey friends, grab your cup of hot tea; today, let's savor an English breakfast blend with a touch of almond milk and brown sugar. As we settle in with our cozy drinks, I want to share a story about facing fears, embracing imperfections, and diving into a new adventure.

Picture this: me, a self-taught artist from sunny Florida, standing on the edge of a daunting cliff called editing videos . For the longest time, I hesitated to record an online course. The idea of putting my imperfect self out there, exposing my quirks and stumbling through explanations, sent shivers down my spine. But you know what they say – growth lies just beyond the edge of our comfort zones.and i like to tell people to be brave and that is my message to myself first.

So, with a deep breath and a heart pounding with excitement, I took the plunge. I decided to record an online course, fully aware that it might not be flawless. And you know what? That's perfectly okay.

In the world of online platforms and YouTube videos, perfection takes a backseat to authenticity. People connect with real stories, genuine struggles, and the beauty of a journey. So, armed with my tea and a determination to share my knowledge, I embraced imperfection and pressed that record button.

 – it was about creating resources for fellow artists, creators, and entrepreneurs. It was about building a community that thrives on authenticity and the shared love for art.

Now, armed with my cup of tea as my creative companion, I'm excited about the endless possibilities. Online platforms and YouTube are not just spaces for polished professionals; they are canvases for authentic voices. My not-so-perfect online course is a testament to that.

And here's the exciting part – I want to hear from you! What do you want to paint with me? What creative journey can we embark on together? Send me your ideas, your dreams, and let's make them a reality. This isn't just my journey; it's ours.

  With love ,


Rebeca Flott 

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