I have a Youtube Channel!!! my interview with a Woman of Purpose

 Meeting this woman has inspired me to do more....


After Following Malisa on Instagram for a while, I had the boldness to invite her to paint with me, after spending time with her I felt that i needed to come back and bringing her to my podcast ...well I think that visuals can be so important so I uploaded the whole interview on my youtube channel.

For Many Years I could keep up with the Youtube but after a show I meet this little girl Kaley she was about 7 years old and her number one request is that I give her a shutout on youtube for her... Youtube? ohh  I need to be present face to face!

So I have a class there...... and............

This week I posted my interview I did for my postcast, now you get to see everything faces and all. unfiltered there on my youtube.


One of the highlight of this season is that I'm working in being Present and not worry to much about being perfect but share with you the journey to get inspired and my number one rule is to be around people that do inspire you, the serving heart and their talent to create.


So if you can jump to my Youtube and Subscribe I promise brings life giving and amazing DIY there for you. 


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