About us

Hello My name is Rebeca ....

Growing up in South America, with very few resources made me look at things differently... using my mind and passion for creating, I started looking for alternative ways to paint, and decorate. Always challenging myself to be persistent, and find different ways to express myself through painting everyday. It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I was able to paint on my first actual canvas. In my heart this simple act made me feel that I was a "real" artist.

Now that I had "arrived" I felt it was time to go back to my roots of finding affordable materials to make beautiful unique art. I knew of artists had painted on screens before, and I knew screen was a great affordable material. So as a test, I decided to make my husbands grandma who loves her outdoor space a template for a new piece. This is where painting on screens began.

Not knowing how to create on screens I soon became very frustrated, and gave up trying to do what other people were doing with the screens. After some great encouragement from friends, I continued my journey to master this material. Now after thousands of paintings on screen, I display my art in my Etsy shop and handmade Amazon where I was a featured artist.
You see my art in different tv shows and now you can book my class where you are inside of the United States with an partnership with, “Painting with a Twist.” I also share my work with vintage markets all around the country.

I am always looking to find new interesting ways to express myself. You never know what I’ll paint on next. It could have been a lot different. I could have looked at the fact that my parents didn't have the money to help me grow as an artist or the fact that I didn't have money to buy a simple canvas. Instead I chose to look within, I chose to believe in myself, to have faith, that I was going to make it. I chose to believe that I didn't have to be like everyone else. You have to be you!!!!"

"Anything you believe in, water it, feed it, and protect it, and you can change the world. Take a step forward and try something different, it might just change your life."

Get in touch - rebecaflottarts@gmail.com