Behind the Scenes: Rebeca Flott

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Behind the Scenes: Rebeca Flott

The Story Behind My Business Name: Rebeca Flott Arts

⁃ Happy Monday! You all have probably been wondering “where does the name Rebeca Flott Arts come from?” for a while. Well, to be totally honest, it’s a very funny story.

⁃ I had been running at Etsy shop at the beginning of my career for about 2 years, and I didn’t sell a thing. Out of discouragement, I closed it and didn’t give a second thought.

⁃ Once I met my husband and business partner Joshua Flott, he encouraged me to open up my Etsy shop again, as a new start. I hadn’t found a name quite yet so I decided “Rebeca Flott Arts” would be a filler until I could find a name I liked. Little did I know, once you set up your name, there is no going back. And from there, Rebeca Flott Arts was born! Sometimes happy accidents are exactly what we need.

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