Why I am Starting a Blog:

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After many years as an struggling artist, I am now a successful entrepreneur, a wife, mom, daughter, author, illustrator and mentor. I hope to use my blog as a tool, as I journey through life- I hope others can see the reality in following life log dreams- and what the everyday journey looks like and the struggles along the way.

I want to show you my personal side. The stories of my childhood. How my faith impacts my work and my family. You will see where my passion comes from and I will introduce you to people who are my world.

I will update you on my road tour- as I travel and share my gift of art. I look forward to telling the amazing stories of the people I meet and the places we go. Please keep an eye on our Where am I? Page and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

I look forward to sharing highlights of my books and sharing my journey through illustrating and writing.

Finally, I am excited to have a place to inspire you- to share my journey, my resources, to watch you grow and  share stories that touch my heart.

Thank you for coming along side me as we dream together...

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