Screen Art Bike with Daisies February 5, 2021 -7pm EST

Screen Art Bike with Daisies February 5, 2021 -7pm EST

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I'm absolutely excited to get things started for spring, so I have prepared a stunning collection for you.....

February 5, 2021, at 7 pm EST - LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS

This class will be taught by Almira Bradford, a certified Rebeca Flott Arts Artist, and we will make sure to have Rebeca come by to say hi !!!!!


Material needed: DIY screen art kit

Please order your material at least 5 business days before the class date to make sure it will be delivered on time.

A Few questions about this class

1) Who is this designed for?

This class is designed for hobby artists and people who want to pick up a new fun activity. No PROS allowed ( a PRO is someone that intends to make money from teaching what they learn during class), don't worry I will have a PROS only class coming as well!

2) Which space should I take this class?

Take this class in a private area, this will allow you to not be distracted,  and have more fun!

3) Can I bring my friends?

Sure as long as they sign up and pay to join the class, be mindful that we have just 10 spots per class. If you allow others that don't pay for the class to be part of it or pirate the class, you will be automatically removed from the class, group and we won't allow you to be part of any future classes.

4) How is this going to work?

Easy! Sign up and pay for the class, and join the private group. Zoom links and reminders will be communicated through the private Facebook group. A helpful tip, be prepared, show up a little early for the class so you can work around any kinks that you may need to. I will not be able to troubleshoot for you when the class has started. At that time my full focus will be on delivering the best class I can.

5) How many people can join the class?

There is a 10 person limit on each class so I can give everyone personalized attention.

6) What if I've never done any painting like this?

Don't worry I will walk you step by step to create your very own masterpiece!

7) Does this class come with supplies? 

No, this class doesn't come with supplies, I will link the supplies needed in the private class group.

8) What if I forget and miss my class?

Should you miss your class, there are a few options we have for you. a) you can join another different class and do a different painting...or b) you can wait for the eventual recording of your original class which might take a while.  At this time I will not be giving refunds. I take the time to prepare for your class, and I want you to attend so I can be there with you and guide you to a great painting.

9) Will you remind me when my class is?

I will send out a notification through our private Facebook group, but I will not hound you with messages so make sure you add your class time into your calendar. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and be there early to meet and chat with other blooming artists in your group!

10) These are a lot of rules is this going to be fun?

I 100 percent promise this will be a fun, and relaxing class if you let it be. I promise to walk with you as you create! Let's do this together!

11) Will you teach me and my friends for a private class?

Due to time constraints, I am unable to do private events, but I do have a wonderful team of talented artists that have been personally certified by me to be able to teach and deliver an amazing private class experience!

Thank you so much - See you soon


Zoom Link will be in our private group:

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