Curated Creative Workshops With Rebeca

rebeca Flott Experiences

The “Rebeca Flott Arts” Experience:

A Curated Space to Sparkle that gift you have.

At RFA, we believe that creativity and time with people you love are essential to being a true artist. Who better to teach you this lesson than Rebeca Flott herself? 

Through this creative workshop, you and your chosen group (of up to 100 people) will experience the beauty and freedom of creating your own unique piece of art through a shared, interactive experience. 

The Curated Workshop

This experience will include:

  • All materials for specified workshop
  • Aprons, brushes, paints,Wreaths, etc... any materials needed 
  • Instruction, and clean up by one of our certified Experience Team member
  • An amazing time for people of any age
  • Classes can include different surfaces.
  • Food and Drink not included
  • Fresh Flowers - you have to purchase on site or farm
  • Pumpkin You have to buy on the farm 

Why should you choose this workshop?



I can write here a list of amazing this but you should experience yourself first them we can talk! 

You want a top of the line experience with friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors in your private space.

You enjoy having the best of the best.