Virtual Online Classes

Virtual classes by Rebeca Flott

The Season virtual classes on Zoom!

I'm absolutely excited to get things started for fall and Holidays so I have prepared a stunning collection for you.
Each class is prepared with you in mind. We want you to have fun and experience the joy of painting your won masterpiece. 
Instructions, links for our Facebook Group, and materials information are listed in each class, so make sure you read all to make the most you can of these classes.

Here is what people are saying about our classes:

This class was awesome, you are such a good teacher and friend. THANKS, Judy F.

I'm so proud of my painting, I've been showing it to everybody, I could have not done this is it hadn't been for you Rebeca. You are a wonderful teacher. Judy from Missouri

Had to leave town for a few days, but finally came home and finished it. I’m thrilled with how it turned out! Thank you for a great class, Rebeca! Angie G.

Rebeca Flott. I love, love my new painting! Thank you for a wonderful class!!! 😘😘❤️❤️. Sara T.

REALLY loved the class. Patricia S.

What a fun and relaxing class! Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you. Darlene A.